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10 Important Considerations With Any Drug And Alcohol Rehab

1. The Treatment Methods Used- The treatment methods used by a drug and alcohol rehab are a very important factor. Some treatment methods are more effective or will get better results in certain situations, and you need to evaluate this before choosing a rehab.

2. The Treatment Effectiveness And Relapse Rate- You should examine the relapse rate of any drug and alcohol rehab before making your final decision. The relapse rate will tell you exactly how effective a specific program is. A high relapse rate means you will probably need treatment again at some point in the future.

3. The Spiritual Aspects Should Be Also Be Addressed- Any drug and alcohol rehab that does not address the spiritual aspects of your substance abuse should be eliminated. Without this factor being addressed you will not get complete recovery.

4. Individual Counseling Is Included In The Program- The core component of any effective drug and alcohol rehab must be one on one counseling if your recovery is to be permanent.

5. The Cost Of The Treatment- The cost of a drug and alcohol rehab is a factor that needs to be examined, but it should not be the only factor looked at. The cost should also not be the most important consideration, because in some cases a higher cost may mean a much higher quality and success rate as well.

6. The Staff Size- The size of the staff at the drug and alcohol rehab you are considering is important. A small staff may mean little or no personal attention, or a crowded center with more clients than staff members to provide treatment.

7. The Setting And Atmosphere- The most successful drug and alcohol rehab center is one that is relaxing, calming, and peaceful. You do not need stress or a lot of distractions to keep you from your recovery efforts.

8. The Level Of Personal Attention Provided- During your stay at a drug and alcohol rehab you deserve personal attention that is both caring and professional. Evaluate the level of personal attention received in each program.

9. The Amenities Offered- Every drug and alcohol rehab is different, and will offer different amenities and luxuries, if there are any provided at all. Examine what amenities are available at each rehab, so you can make the best choice possible.

10. The Quality, Taste, And Nutrition Of The Meals And Snacks- Just because you are receiving treatment for substance abuse at a drug and alcohol rehab does not mean you should have to feel deprived when it comes to food choices, snacks, and meals.


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