28-Year-Old Says Her Addiction To Drugs And Alcohol ‘Is My Life’

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“My addiction to drugs and alcohol is my life. I feel like I cannot ever be sober,” says Cassie. “I’ve never been normal, so I don’t know how to act.”

Cassie says when she first started using drugs in high school, she did it to fit in and reward herself. “When I would make honor roll, or when I would do really well, or get an A on a test, I would say, ‘OK. Now it’s time for the crack or cocaine,’” the 28-year-old says.

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Now, Cassie says she drinks two liters of vodka a day, and when she tried to stop, she had a seizure and almost died.

“I want to be clean and sober off everything. It’s so scary. I need healing,” Cassie says. “I need help. I’m going to die otherwise.”

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In the video above, hear how Cassie says she gets money for drugs. And, hear what she says about her relationship with her mother and father.

Is Cassie ready to get sober? Check here to see where you can watch Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

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