Alcohol Addiction Rehab Center in Tucson AZ | Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center

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To get more information about the services and treatment programs offered, Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center provides a video presentation for you.

Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center is a drug and alcohol addiction rehab center in Tucson AZ. For many years now, our proven addiction treatment programs have helped people who are addicted to alcohol and drug addiction to rebuild a life free from substance abuse. You can be one of the people we are guided towards recovery. Through the combination of our knowledge, understanding and experiences, we offer you an advanced and affordable addiction treatment programs that can provide you and your family a sense of hope, healing and a healthy environment for substance abuse recovery.

At Better Recovery Rehabilitation Center, we offer individualized addiction treatment plans for adults and adolescents. Thus, whether you are an adult or adolescent seeking for addiction treatment, you will be able to recover physically, psychologically and spiritually through a treatment plan designed for your unique needs. Through therapy programs, individual and group sessions and a relaxing environment, you will be able to seek peace of mind and will have a higher chance at attaining success in recovery. To help you with your finances, we accept most major insurances from various companies.

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