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STORY: ALCOHOLISM IN AFRICAN SLUMSDATELINE: August 12, 2011LENGTH: 0:02:30LOCATION: NAIROBIINTRO: Heineken’s investment in Ethiopia, and around Africa, is helping pull many people out of a life of poverty. A life, that has ironically, led many men living in slums to turn to alcohol to drown their sorrows. In Kenya, poverty and alcoholism often go hand-in-hand.And, as Lifestyles correspondent Ruth Baru learned, a local brew is ruining countless lives. PKGSTANDUP(English):Ruth Baru CNC Correspondent”This is Kibera the largest slum in Africa, I am in a local alcohol brewing den where many people because of poverty prefer to come here and take this brew that is called changaa. It retails for only 0.22 USD and many of the people living here tell me it is more affordable as compared to the Kenya breweries beer lagers. As I smell it, it is very potent as I bring it close to my face; it brings tears to my eyes. Often it is said to be very addictive.”34-year-old Joseph Otieno, who lives here in Powered by Producer : Xinhua News Agency


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