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Alcohol treatment centers are supposed to be the place you go to eliminate an alcohol addiction or drinking problem. Just how effective are the facilities though, and do they actually eliminate your substance abuse issues once and for all? The answer will depend on which of the many alcohol treatment centers you choose. The success rates for each facility may vary widely, because each one may use different methods, techniques, and programs, and be more or less effective. It is important that you compare and evaluate all of the alcohol treatment centers, and then narrow the list down to just a few for further analysis.
There are some alcohol treatment centers which do offer a permanent solution, but these are few and far between because of the high cost involved with the in depth treatment process required to get these results. The only way you will get a permanent recovery is to work through every factor that contributes to your alcohol use. This must include the physical, psychological, and spiritual features of your addiction. Most alcohol treatment centers ignore the spiritual causes of alcohol addiction, and concentrate only on the physical and mental components. This is not true with Valiant Recovery, one of the few alcohol treatment centers where your spiritual needs are considered just as important to your recovery as the other two components are.
Most alcohol treatment centers are not very effective, and this results in frequent relapses and numerous treatment programs. This causes many people to believe that these facilities do not work. If you are serious about giving up alcohol and stopping the substance abuse for good this time then your choice of alcohol treatment centers is very important. The center you choose can help determine whether you have the tools needed to succeed, or whether you fail and relapse again. You should evaluate each center individually, and look at the success rates and treatment programs offered. This will help show the risks and benefits associated with each center.
There are some common elements found in alcohol treatment centers that lead to success, and this includes Valiant Recovery. These elements include:
One on one counseling each week, for a minimum of 4 hours
Spiritual needs are addressed, as well as the physical and mental needs
A wide range of therapy types and choices
A comfortable and stress free environment
A low number of patients for each staff member
Personal attention and caring service
Without all of these elements being included, any of the alcohol treatment centers have a high rate of failure. When you are evaluating these centers look for these features, to ensure that you are making the right choice for you, your family, and your future.


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