Does Drinking Too Much Raise Tolerance? | Alcoholism

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A frequent question is whether drinking too much will raise your tolerance to alcohol. It depends on what kinds of drinking you do.

When people drink too much every once in a while or another way of saying that is binge drinking, that won’t necessarily change one’s tolerance. What changes one’s tolerance is drinking excessive amounts over a long period of time. So if you’re drinking episodically, if every once in a while you over drink, no, your tolerance is going to remain largely the same. If other things remain the same, like your body weight, etc. However, over time if people drink excessively and frequently, yes, their tolerance will change, and they’ll need more alcohol to get the same effect.

Having said that, also people’s tolerance naturally changes with age and with the changes that go along with aging. So people have to really aware of their tolerance level all through their life span.


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