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Almost as synonymous with college as parties are, college dating is one of the high points of a students campus life. A lot of students very much believe that not only will they find a serious relationship or two at school but may ultimately find the person they are going to marry while at campus. With any dating scene, be it college or otherwise, there can be drama and stress as well as excitement and passion, but in the end, college dating can change the rest of your life.

Since classes are a significant part of campus life, you will want to start there for people to date. Those people are likely to have some of the same interests as you do, and you already have a regular meeting place for the two of you. The other big part of life at school is your dorm; many people think that college dating should be avoided with those who live in the dorm with you, because if you break up, youll be stuck in the same living area as your ex for quite a while.


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