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This video details the experience of Emily at the Drug Addiction Treatment Program at Sovereign Health Group. She discovered Sovereign Health through a friend that introduced a few different programs to her family. She found difficulties staying sober. She would get sober for awhile but lacked any coping skills in order to remain sober. She would always find something wrong in order to justify going out and using drugs. She was sick of being sick and tired and ready to get the help she really needed. Everybody at Sovereign Health was really nice and provided a very welcoming atmosphere. As soon as you walk into a room, you feel right at home.

Emily came into the program with no expectations, so everything was new for her. She just wanted to get better, and she is. The staff and other clients are great, groups are great, everything is awesome. She loved the houses and getting to live so near the beach and really appreciated the great views. Her favorite group therapy sessions were music therapy, yoga, and art therapy. She especially liked the equine therapy because of her history with horses. She found it very soothing and calming. She details her daily life while at Sovereign Health.

For more information about Sovereign Health of California, or if you need assistance, please call our toll free number at 866-808-0940

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