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Alcohol treatment centers can vary widely, with some being large and others being small, and some being highly effective while others may only get average results or even worse. If you have a problem with alcohol then it is important you make the best choice about which alcohol treatment centers you are going to use. This decision can impact whether you leave the program recovered and stay that way or whether you end up back in treatment a week, month, or year down the road. The cost of alcohol treatment centers is another variable that you need to consider, because you want the best treatment possible that you can afford with your specific budget and other factors.

A proven fact is that most alcohol treatment centers are not successful when it comes to long term results. These programs may appear to work initially but eventually the same problem with alcohol abuse keeps coming back, because most alcohol treatment centers do not address the psychological and spiritual roots of the substance abuse. This causes a relapse to occur, often when it is least expected. For permanent success with alcohol abuse you need to look at alcohol treatment centers that include spiritual recovery in the treatment program.

At Valiant Recovery we understand that alcohol and drug abuse is caused by wounds on the inside which are not visible. We are one of the few Christian alcohol treatment centers anywhere in the world, and we offer a unique and very successful program that results in a recovery which lasts. There is no need for our clients to keep returning to alcohol treatment centers repeatedly, because the relapse is almost guaranteed when the root of the substance abuse is not eliminated during treatment. Understanding this factor has help us see incredible success rates, unlike what is offered by most alcohol rehabs.

A successful recovery which lasts a lifetime does cost more, because your treatment program at Valiant Recovery alcohol treatment centers includes hours of one on one counseling, and this individual therapy is expensive but it has been shown to dramatically improve the results you will get from your recovery. When you consider all of the factors, even though the initial cost of Valiant Recovery alcohol treatments centers is more, in the long run this program usually costs less than the typical rehab because only one stay is usually required for a permanent recovery.


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