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Help Me Change Christian Addiction Rehab in Indiana

Addiction treatment centers in Indiana are many, however choosing the right program for your unique needs is another matter. Making sure you carefully screen a potential substance abuse program can be the difference in your recovery journey. Perhaps you’ve given up on the idea of ever living a normal life. All of your efforts to stay clean and free of alcohol and drugs have ended up in failure. You’re desperate. You want to change. You want to live a full and productive life. You want your life back.

You never meant to get caught up in the grip of addiction and bring such terrible destruction to your life. Addiction has brought you so much pain and hurt. If something doesn’t happen soon. . .

At Help Me Change, addiction can be beat. It is a place where God can restore you to wholeness. It is another chance at getting your life back on track. We’ve been helping men with serious addictions for over twenty-five years. We can help you.

Just because this program is affordable, it doesn’t mean that you are shortchanged on the help you need to overcome your addiction. You’ll get plenty of help and attention!

You have a choice of staying up to ninety-days at the retreat center. In order to change, you need some time away to reorient the direction of your life, to develop a plan for changing and to connect with God. That is the purpose of our retreats. We call them retreats rather than a recovery program, because their purpose is to help you connect with God and allow him to change you into a new person, a person free from addiction.

Change is not a matter of willpower or determination. People trapped in addiction are very strong-willed, not weak and spineless. If will-power could change you, you wouldn’t be reading this website. You would already be free from addiction.

Only God can make a lasting change in your life that will set you free from the trap of addiction. At the Help Me Change Retreat Center, we help you encounter God. We help you develop a structure and discipline for your life that will allow God’s grace to transform your life and help you overcome your addiction. You don’t have to stay trapped in addiction. There is hope for you.

Why not call us today? The longer you wait, the more damage you do to your life, your family, friends and future. We’re standing by waiting for your call. Your new life can begin today.
Call 219 791-9390 and visit to discover more about our groundbreaking program for Christian business professionals in addiction recovery.

Pastor Jim Watson

Help Me Change LLC
7870 Broadway
Merrillville, Indiana 46410

“Alcohol addiction wrecked my life. But things are different now. God gave me my life back. I joined Pastor Watson’s program almost four years ago. Since that day, I haven’t touched a drop. Life is so much better without alcohol.”

– Jerry


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