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Close When trying to understand alcohol addiction, these three things make sense. The family needs to realize: You have no control over them. You cannot make them quit. There is not cure for the disease.

As hard as we try to make sense of the alcoholic’s behaviors, there’s just no understanding why they won’t quit for all of the obvious reasons. The only thing that really makes a problem drinker stop drinking is when the decide that they have had enough.

Alcoholic addiction is comparable to diabetes in that it is a disease that can be arrested, but there’s no know cure for it.

Finally understanding that you did not make them drink will help you cope with feelings of guilt. They will blame you for their alcoholism, but you must realize that their choice to drink had nothing at all to do with you.

The entire family will suffer from the actions of the alcoholic. Understanding that you did not cause them to drink, you cannot control their drinking and that there is not a know cure will help you greatly in dealing with the family problem.


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