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By a unanimous vote of 38- 0, MKs outlawed the sale of alcohol at stores between the hours of 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. Restaurants and pubs are not covered by the legislation, but kiosks, gas station convenience stores, markets and pharmacies will be subject to the prohibition, with violators facing a minimum penalty of NIS 9,000. The law also allows police to seize alcohol being consumed in public and pour out the contents of the bottles. When the cabinet first approved the bill in late 2009, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu threw his weight behind the measure, deeming it important in combating rising alcohol consumption among youth. “According to the World Health Organization, Israel is second in the world in consumption of alcohol by 11- year-olds, and the rate of consumption among 15-to-17- year-olds is over 50 percent,” Netanyahu said at the time. 


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