symptoms of alcoholism

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There are many symptoms of alcoholism. Learn about the two symptoms of alcoholism that are most compelling from Sober Coach Dave. . In this video, Sober Coach Dave opens up and shares his thoughts on symptoms of alcoholism. Click Here to Listen:

Man on a Mission might best describe Sober Coach Dave and his awesome efforts in bringing hope to people and families impacted by alcohol abuse. Dave said “On my journey to sobriety, I realized I was not alone. I came across others with the exact same questions as I had, people who needed support. Furthermore discovered that the shame and guilt kept many people from finding the support they needed. I thought if I could offer a safe place and provide those people the knowhow to assist themselves, they could discover the peace I have found”.

“My personal story is likely similar in some ways to yours. The more I drank, the more I felt completely bankrupt inside. There wasn’t enough alcohol in the world to fill the gaping hole inside me. I pretended all was well in my life while secretly drinking to blackouts on a weekly basis. When I’d come to, I would mentally beat myself up, allowing the shame, guilt, and remorse to wash over me… until I drank and blacked out again. I felt depressed, fearful, and anxious all the time.”

“I have found in my own journey that quitting drinking is only the tip of the iceberg. The drinking was simply a symptom of deeper rooted problems. That is why when I used to quit drinking I could only do it for a limited amount of time—I did not know how to cope with life without alcohol. Even the good things. Everything I did somehow was connected to drinking. So even if I could get sober, it did not last because I was not addressing the deeper problems”.

“The most amazing thing I’ve learned is that willpower alone is not enough to overcome the addiction. It takes time, tools, support and simple daily practices. These are the things that will help you stay and live a sober life. And although most people cannot fathom that when they are in their addiction, it does happen and can happen for anyone who wants it. My mission is to help people find that new way of life”.

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Symptoms of Alcoholism


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