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Is someone you are close to struggling with an addiction to alcohol. Is their drinking problem effecting your life? Take this test in the video to see how much they may be effecting your lifestyle.

What happens is that we don’t realize that we have become so consumed with an addicts behaviors that we actually start focusing a large majority of attention on them. The process happens slowly over time. One day our life seems to be happy and free from worry and the months-later our relationship with an alcoholic has become a roller coaster ride of emotions.

In order to stop the cycle, we have to start changing our behavior. The alcoholic isn’t going to change, therefore we will have to make changes. As we learn how to cope with the alcoholics in our lives, their behaviors will not effect in such dramatic ways. has helped tens of thousands of people all over the world learn how to cope with dysfunctional relationships. If an alcoholics behaviors are directly effecting you, seek out help from organizations like Al-anon. You must start learning all that you can in order to handle this situation differently. If you don’t your emotions may never stabilize.


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