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Addictions are the choice of those people with otherwise low self esteem – and Self-esteem is merely your opinion of yourself.

People with healthy self-esteem like themselves and value their achievements. While everyone lacks confidence occasionally, people with low self-esteem feel unhappy or unsatisfied with themselves most of the time. This can be remedied but it takes attention, self control and the discipline of daily practise to boost self-esteem.

A low self-esteem can reduce the quality of a person’s life in many different ways that include negative feelings (the constant self-criticism can lead to persistent feelings of sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, shame or guilt).

Relationship problems: for example they may lower personal standards and grow to tolerate all sorts of unreasonable behaviour from partners because they believe they must earn love and friendship, cannot be loved or are not loveable. Alternatively, a person with low self-esteem may feel angry and try to control or manipulate other people.

Fear of trying: the person may doubt their abilities or worth and avoid challenges.

Perfectionism: a person may push themselves and become an over-achiever to ‘atone’ for what they see as their inferiority.

Fear of judgement: they may avoid activities that involve other people, like sports or social events, because they are afraid they will be negatively judged. The person feels self-conscious and stressed around others and constantly looks for ‘signs’ that people don’t like them.

Low resilience: a person with low self-esteem finds it hard to cope with a challenging life event because they already believe themselves to be ‘hopeless’.

Lack of self-care in the sense that the person may care so little that they neglect or abuse themselves, for example, drink too much alcohol or take any number of illegal drugs, substances or chemicals. THE DRUGS DONT WORK!

Self-harming behaviours such as low self-esteem puts the person at increased risk of self-harm, for example, eating disorder, drug abuse or suicide.

In this video I’ve tried to demonstrate how there are absolutely no chemicals of any kind that can substitute for self control in relation to being able to determine how we act or behave in any given situation, the drink doesn’t work and the drugs definitely don’t work!

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