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The Red Lion is based on a very simple idea – take the most common name for a pub (The Red Lion) and then take the people who drink in the 600 pubs across the UK with that name to throw light on our drinking habits. What emerges is a unique portrait of Britain as a nation of drinkers – a documentary that, part hilariously, part disturbingly shows just how deeply booze and the boozer are woven into the warp and weft of British society and culture.

From the tipsy eighty year old widows to the 15-pints-a-day landlord. From the lonely singleton divorcee to the raucous student members of the university netball team, men and women, groups and individuals, young and old – we all use the pub and alcohol in our different ways. Is Britain as a nation in the grip of a serious drink problem? Or are we just having a little bit of fun – regularly?


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