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I won’t say your name,

For I don’t know you anymore,

All the drapes are closed,

And I’ve closed all the doors,

I just want some peace,

After this storm I’ve let in,

I realize now,

It’s a battle I can’t win.

It’s as if there’s a demon,

He has your soul in chains,

During this fight,

My tears flowed like rain,

The person you are,

Disappears more each day,

You become uglier,

With each word that you say,

A Jeckyl and Hyde,

You become with each drink,

Your mind goes rotten,

And you no longer think,

Reasoning and logic,

functions no longer,

The power of the alcohol,

Has gotten incredibly stronger,

Just like a freight train,

Out of control on a track,

You’ve run over all of us,

Without looking back,

There comes a time,

When we need save ourselves,

From the result of your drinking,

And this insidious hell.

For H 2011

Victoria Gauci


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