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Close A Christian drug treatment center can be the best place to recover from substance abuse for many people. Why should you choose this type of facility though? One reason is that according to the statistics a Christian drug treatment center typically has a much higher success rate than a rehab which does not address the spiritual component of substance abuse and addiction. Government run programs and public treatment centers have a very low success rate, and a high incidence of relapse after clients leave these programs. This is not the case with a Christian drug treatment center, and the relapse rates are extremely low because most people have a complete and permanent recovery.

With a Christian drug treatment center you are encouraged to work on any spiritual wounds that are causing your substance abuse, as well as the psychological ones. The emphasis on the spiritual aspect with a Christian drug treatment center has been shown to significantly improve the treatment results. Most of us believe in a higher or divine power, and this can be used to help you get a complete recovery and heal fully. Rehabs which are not a Christian drug treatment center do not offer any spiritual counseling, and this can cause you to leave treatment without being completely recovered.

Valiant Recovery is a Christian drug treatment center that can help you take your life back from substance abuse, and put you back on the right track to success in life and your career. Our program contains a number of components that are not found in most programs. In addition to being a Christian drug rehab center we are also one of the few programs for substance abuse treatment which offers one on one counseling. This is part of every customized treatment plan, and involves at least four hours a week in this intensive therapy.

There are many reasons why a Christian drug treatment center may be the best choice for you. If you have Christian beliefs then you want a substance abuse program that understands these beliefs, with a staff that shares them. Therapy for spiritual wounds is an important step towards a lasting recovery, and this is something you can only receive at a Christian drug treatment center like Valiant Recovery. If you are serious about eliminating drugs and alcohol from your life for good you should give serious thought to the right type of treatment center for your rehab needs.


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