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Christain Addiction Rehab for Men in Indiana

Change is not a matter of willpower or determination. People trapped in addiction are very strong-willed, not weak and spineless. If will-power could change you, you wouldn’t be reading this website. You would already be free from addiction. That’s why corporate executives develop lasting freedom from addictive behaviors at our spiritual refuge for men on the lake in NW Indiana outside of Chicago.

Although the setting is luxurious and serene, the program is by design both challenging and tough. It is not like a vacation. You do not leave your home for twenty-eight days and spend a lot of money just for fun. If you come to our Center, it will be because you have a specific purpose in mind–a strong desire to beat addiction and get your life back. If that is what you want, we can help you make it happen.

However, the setting is beautiful and inspiring. Each day you will have some free-time for exercise, outdoor activities, developing friendships and relaxation. You will learn that you can have fun without alcohol or drugs.

The Center is a 5,000 square foot, lakefront home in Indiana, right outside of Chicago. There are three bedrooms with queen sized beds and one really large bedroom with two queen sized beds. You will have plenty of space for your belongings. On the same floor is a large, deep whirlpool tub and other bathing and bathroom facilities. The views are spectacular.

You can bring your laptop and cell phone to be used for keeping in touch with your office. We allot time everyday for this.

Because the retreats are limited to no more than five men, you will receive a lot of individualized attention. Jim Watson will be your primary Spiritual Director. It is possible to have a one-on-one retreat with just you and Jim Watson. Please call us to make arrangements here: 219-791-9390 and visit us here:

Pastor Jim Watson

Help Me Change LLC
7870 Broadway
Merrillville, Indiana 46410
(219) 791-9390

“My addiction to alcohol had cost me everything. I came into Pastor Watson’s program over four years ago. Not only have I not had a drink in over four years, my life has never been better. Thank you God for setting me free.”


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